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Subject: Re: RF biohazard -electrosurgery units

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> Subject: RF biohazard -electrosurgery units
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> Yep - we used to do exactly that.  My employer used to mfg 
> electrosurgery units (called "Bovies") - which basically produce either 
> a damped or continuous RF current < 1MHz.  This current is applied to 
> the patient using (usually) a narrow wire.  The field at the wire cuts 
> and coagulates the tissue.  

> One concern is the grounding of the patient.  If a large metal plate in 
> good contact with the patient isn't used, then you'd get RF burns at the 
> exit point of the current!  Lawyers LOVE this equipment...
> Unfortunately this product line was sold about 12 years ago so I can't 
> tell you more than this!  Many hospitals still operate this sort of 
> equipment.

I had my gall bladder removed last year and they used electrocautery
equipment (don't know the brand), and they applied a fairly large electrode
(6x12 inches?) to my thigh for grounding, using lots of electrode paste to
reduce the resistance. Interesting, now I know it is RF (maybe?) Don't know
much more about it since I was unconscious shortly after they applied the