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> Hi Malcom,
>  Thanks for the info. If I am understanding you properly then if I were
> add a 1H coil to the primary side of a 100 to 1 ratio transformer it
> show up on the secondary side as an additional 100H inductance.
>  And if I were to put two 100 mH chokes on the secondary side they would
> reflect back on the primary of the same transformer as 2mH.
>                                Thanks again for helping me to understand
>                                 Bill Turbett

Actually, the value of the impedance reflects as the SQUARE of the turns
ratio. Example: use a 1:100 transformer. Assuming the primary has 1 amp at
1 volt going in (i.e. an impedance of 1 ohm), the secondary has 100 Volts
at .01 Amps coming out, which corresponds to a load impedance of 10K.