Re: discrimination against Tesla by Smithsonian (fwd)

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Subject: Re: discrimination against Tesla by Smithsonian  (fwd)

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>Subject: Re: discrimination against Tesla by Smithsonian  (fwd)
>Mike (all),
>John is very passionate about Tesla not credited appropriately (or at all)
by the
>Smithsonian. The Smithsonian represents this country's historical past and is
>right there in good ol Washington DC where millions of US and foriegn tourist
>crowd through everyday to see US History. I was there last year and found
>on Nikola Tesla. 


>As far John being "severly biased", probably and me too. As far as John being a
>"conspiracy theory type", well, that sounds like the same kind of attitude
>had about Nikola Tesla in his day.


The Smithsonian is, and has always been, highly politicized and biased as
are many such institutions.  How many know on this list know of their
initial refusal to accept, as a gift, the Wright flyer?  Created quite a
flap at the time.

  Yes!!  Their "MAN" at that time (40's) for "first in flight" was "Samuel
P. Langley!  An aviation pioneer to be sure, but building unmanned steam
planes, launching them off of a house boat and crashing them in the potomac
does not place him in the Wright brothers class.

Tesla is just the current Wright brothers type lockout at the mausoleum of
dead and moldering history called the Smithsonian.

Richard Hull, TCBOR