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Fred, not flamed at all. I completely understand. I too had the same impression as you and Mike when I first came across the web page. I went through every tid-bit as I'm sure you did. We all react differently to the things we care most about. Yes, there are more "diplomatic" approaches, which sometimes work, and sometimes do not. I set out, to find out for myself what the scoop was. I was a bit more diplomatic in my approach, but I found out John did have a point or two.

Regardless of our preferences,  Mr. Barney Finn of the Smithsonian writes:

 "For several years Mr. Wagner has been attempting to have Tesla better represented in this Museum.  He is not alone in this desire (nor is Tesla the only person with advocates) and we appreciate his efforts.  In the process he has no doubt encouraged a number of people to learn about this remarkable man.  And he has encouraged us in our own researches."
But it's this comment from Mr. Finn which we owe a large part to John's persistance;
"I can now report that with the changes in the political situation in Yugoslavia I have hopes that we will finally be able to do something in collaboration with the Tesla Museum.  I was in Belgrade last year and we made plans for what I hope will be a preliminary display in this museum later this year and something more ambitious to follow."
Sure hope so anyway!

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To the person getting flamed for calling John a "conspiracy theorist", I
just have to say that if this is the teacher who has the WEB paged
dedicated to chastising the Smithsonian for it's neglect of Tesla history,
I have to agree.  That is EXACTLY the impression I got when I looked at
his page.  He may be a fine man, but if he wants people to listen to him,
or take him seriously, he is going about it the wrong way.  He uses
exclaimation points, flowery language, goes on and on and on about the
same thing, goes out of his way to insult people at the Smithsonian, etc.
It is great to be passionate about something, but in order to make a
difference, you have to be HEARD.  That is why I think he could be a
little more tactful in his approach.  You have to meet people where they
are and not make them wrong or they don't listen.