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        Thanks all for the great response.  Apparently, my concerns about
the edges arcing are not valid for whatever reason.  My new sharp cutter
raises an edge on the pipe but I'll sand them over.
        I did not realize that there were others involved in this design.  I
did not mean to imply that Richard Quick was the sole inventor.

BTW, I saw a picture at the Smithsonian of Edison building one of these
spark gaps.......

No! No! Just kidding :-))


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>Subject: Question - RQ spark gap plans (fwd)
>        Many people have found that the RQ spark gap is better in their
>systems..  Preliminary testing I have done suggests the opposite.  However, I
>now have a theory as to why these gaps may give much better secondary sparks
>(this may lead to even better designs).  I would like to build and RQ style
>gap to test my theory out.  I have built similar gaps but they would not
>show the proper effects I seek.
>        I do have one concern.  As I understand the gap, there are many
>copper pipe sections side by side.  I would think that the higher electric
>field intensity at the ends of the pipes would cause the arcs to occur only
>at the ends of the pipe sections instead if near the centers where we would
>like.  Is this true and if not why not?  
>        Terry
>        or
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>>Greetings all,
>>Here is the text to the RQ (Richard Quick) spark gap plans.   You can
>>download bot the text and a gif image to accompany the text from 
>BIG snip
>> Chip Atkinson 
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