Re: energize laser with TC? (fwd)

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I have tried this too.  I put the laser tube near or on top of the TC and
the tube lights up.  My tube won't laze any more because the mirrors are out
of line.  It is a small unit, probably about 5 ma watts, don't remember the
power rating I haven't used it in 10 years.  The mirrors are out of line
because I powered the tube to about 5 watts once and it over heated and got
the mirrors out of line.  It would be interesting to see if a good laser
tube would laze from a TC.

Gary Weaver

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>>Seeing these posts gave me an idea of an experiment to try.  I had 
>>a HeNe laser tube so we wanted to see if we could get it to lase 
>>with the Tesla coil.  I was never able to get it to work with my 
>>power supply I use with my other laser tube.  
>>We got it to light up and the small glass tube inside (between 
>>the mirrors) appeared to be lasing but there was no output from 
>>the mirrors.  Has anyone else tried this with a good tube or any 
>>similar experiments? 
>I put a 5mW HeNe tube on top of my coil and it lased quite happily as
>the corona streamers snaked off the ends! Wasn't as bright as when
>powered properly though!
>I didn't make any other connection to it, as this would probably
>de-tune the coil.
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