Two Toroid Test

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[big snip]
> I achieved a new record for this coil with discharges of 92" to a
>grounded wire.  Not bad, about 3.5 times the winding length of the
>secondary.  It
>was a great time.  I shot two rolls of film and maybe we can get some posted
>when I get them back.
> The best performance was with two of the new 1.6 ohm 1000 watt resistors
>in series for 3.2 ohms and in series with the inductive ballast variac.  I
>noticed after many minutes of run time, the new resistors were smoking
>like a bar b que.  Let me see, 40 amps through 1.6 ohms should be about 2,500
>watts - I guess they should smoke a little.
> Big sparks in Spokane, Ed Sonderman


Wow...92" from your 6" coil has got to be close to a record for a 6" two
coil design.  7-9kw is a lot of power to run through a system that size.
Congrats on not only solving your problem, but supercharging your coil!

Charles Brush