Variac Repair

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Sent:  Wednesday, June 24, 1998 4:34 AM
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Subject:  Re: Variac Repair

At 12:37 AM 6/24/98 -0500, you wrote:
          <snips here&there>
 It needs a new brush assembly, can
>anyone help? The second one is a  General Radio type V10, which also needs
>a new brush, marked V10. I assume I can get this from GRC, but does anyone
>have their number? 
>Thanks to anyone that can help,
>Stefan Bishay 

hi Stefan,
One of the "used" variacs I bought needed new brushes, so I contacted the
manufacturer (believe it was Gen Radio..not sure now) I was pretty unhappy
to learn that the new brushes were around $75?? eeeek! The variac still
worked ok, but I thot they'd need replaced soon. I didn't wanna cough up
the bucks, so I went to a local hardware store (Westlakes) and found that
they had quite an assortment of "electrical motor brushes". I took the old
brushes to compare size, and although none were an "exact" match, several
of them were close enough to "custom file" to the right size. I haven't
used them yet as the old ones are seeming to last forever, so I can't say
for sure that they'll work...But for less than $10 a set (2) I thot it was
worth a try. "parts is parts" ;o)
Hope this helps