Magnifer & rotary problems

From:  Greg Leyh [SMTP:lod-at-pacbell-dot-net]
Sent:  Wednesday, June 24, 1998 12:43 PM
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Subject:  Re: Magnifer & rotary problems

Bill the arcstarter wrote:

>  We are using a slightly different type of aluminum rotor.  This gap is
> composed of a non-insulated induction motor (non-sync) with a 4 inch
> plastic hub (don't know what material) mounted on the shaft.  Onto the
> plastic hub is mounted an aluminum ring, with an o.d. of about  14
> inches.  Stainless steel contact mounted near the edge provide the
> arcing path.
>  The point here is that we insulated the disk from the motor via the
> plastic hub disk.
> This is an alternate construction technique.

And a fine design it is, since you are utilising metal
in the rotor construction to contain the hoop stresses,
to support the centripetal forces of the rotating electrodes,
and to dissipate the heat from cathode spots on the electrodes.

The 130kW RSG uses an insulated axle, as there are multiple
ganged rotors in series, all at different voltages.  The
central bearing crossmember floats at mid-voltage.