Small tesla coil (1sq ft) findings

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>As am I, but that did not cover the question.
>One or two single 9 volt batteries.  Assuming each one
>can put out around one amp of current at any given time
>for short periods of time, then that only gives you 9 watts.
>Although as demonstrated with any basic photoflash circuit,
>the instantaneous discharge of one of these is higher than 300
>watts for the two circuits I have.  (350 volts at .98 amp peak
>around 343 watts) This from a battery (1.5v AA) only capable of
>supplying around 1.5 watts.

It's the cap in those flash units that supply is supplying that
susposed 300w. They work without the battery in them. The
battery just goes through a small osc. then to a step up
transformer that raises the voltage for the cap. Bigger the 
cap value is the more current they can put out. This also
means that it would take longer to charge the cap up. Most
of the flash units I've played with take 3-5 seconds to charge
the cap. If you had more batteries and a step up transforer that
could handle more current (ie. charge the cap faster) I guess
you could put 2 of the little transformers in parralell and use more
barreries to charge a larger cap.