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> I am looking for someone to build a new rotor for my rotary gap.  I am
> presently using a lexan disc that is 3/8" thick and 10.0" in diameter.  The 8
> contacts are stainless steel acorn nuts.  I believe there are folks out there
> who have built these for sale.  I would like some quotes for a new wheel made
> from G10 with tungsten replaceable contacts.  I am open to suggestion on the
> thickness of the contacts.  The fixed contacts are 3/16" tungsten.  I have to
> stay with 3/8" thickness as that is all the room I have on the motor shaft.
> Ed Sonderman

    I would also like a price quote on a rotor 12" in diameter and 1/2"
thick with a 1" hole for the center bore. I am in the process of
building a rotary gap. I could make the rotor from lexan, but I would
still have to accurately cut, and balance a disc that will spin at 3000+
rpms! I don't have a lathe so it will be rather difficult.

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