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>  i have been searching for oil for a good 3 months now and i have finally
>  found some!  yesterday i called 10 places, each of them referring me to
>  someone else.  Well, one of the places will sell me mineral oil in 5 gallon
>  buckets for $29.75.  There are two different versions, Thuban 90 and Thuban
>  140, they have different viscosities.  Does this type of oil ring a bell
>  for anyone?  I don't want to end up buying something i can't use.  I also
>  asked him about transformer oil and they only come in 55 gallon drums,
>  which is a bit more than i can afford right now.  Well, any info that you
>  guys have would be great, thanks!  Once i get my mineral oil, my tesla coil
>  will begin it's final stages......very exciting....
>  thanks
>  Kevin

Kevin:  I have obtained small quantities of transformer oil from a local
industrial transformer repair shop. Another possible source might be an electrical
installation contractor.  In either case, make sure that the source is sealed
hermeticaly. Tranfo oil is very thirsty for  humidity and will absorb it from the
air, reducing its break-down voltage a lot.  BTW, your cap should also be closed
off from air to avoid this.

Good luck