gray plastic pipe

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> Subject:  gray plastic pipe
> I have a chance to buy some 12 inch gray plastic pipe. Does anyone know
if it
> is any good for high voltage or is it too conductive like black plastic?
* jim heagy

I assume it is PVC? Sounds like electrical conduit (although the biggest
I've actually seen is 6", but I've seen bigger in the catalogs). The sewer
pipe is often white or green.  Even the white PVC sch 40 water pipe is grey
on the inside (as I found when turning some down in the lathe).

In any case, all seem to be an insulator, unlike the black delrin or the
black foamcore ABS. The foam ABS DWV pipe seems to be the worst, by the
way, not only is it somewhat conductive, but the breakdown voltage is
appallingly low.