Neon Phasing?

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> Subject:  Neon Phasing?
> I know that NSTs can be hooked up in parallel for more current, but can I
> take four NSTs and put the secondaries in parallel and the primaries in
> series-parallel so that the bank will draw 240v off the line?
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Yes, as long as the pairs of NST's that are in series have the same
output voltage and current rating. For example, if you have two 12 KV 30
MA's and two 12 KV 60 MA's, match up the two identical pairs (30-30 MA
in one pair and 60-60 MA as the other pair in series so that they will
equally split the primary voltage. Also, make sure that the identical
pairs are either BOTH internally power factor corrected or that NIETHER
are internally power factor corrected.

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