Neon Phasing?

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> Subject:  Neon Phasing?
> I know that NSTs can be hooked up in parallel for more current, but can I
> take four NSTs and put the secondaries in parallel and the primaries in
> series-parallel so that the bank will draw 240v off the line?
Sure you can. The problems with series connecting NST's are with the
secondaries, which have a grounded centertap.

You could even be clever and wire it up with a connector so that you can
run off either 240V or 120V. A typical 30 mA 15kV NST draws about 4
amps, so you could run 4 of them at 120V (16A) without popping the
breaker normally (the usual CB trip is at 120% of the nominal current).
And, since you probably have a variac in the system, you could just run
at a little lower voltage when running off 120V. 

 This would just give you more flexibility if you take your coil
somewhere else to show it off.  The process of running around looking
for 2 120V outlets on separate legs to get 240V gets old real fast.