Warthog coil pictures

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Hi Bert:

    Nice shots of the Warthog coil in action.  I wish I had an area like the
garage or what ever it is to do set-up and testing, as shown in your
photo's.  I did notice one item that is a technique that we both must
employ, possibly.  The 2-3" diameter lengths of PVC tube laying on the
floor---do these carry the 120 VAC lines and even the HV from the pig to
help reduce strikes?  I've done this with pretty good success too.  Gee, all
the ceiling lights are on all the time!  I'm getting closer and closer with
my 23" secondary.  It's wound and ready to go.  Now I'm working on the
primary and support structure.  Hope to finish by 7/15/98


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Subject: Warthog coil pictures

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>For those who are interested, I have just posted a few pictures of the
>Tesla coil on my Webpage.  These show the new 6 foot toroid (22 inch cross
>section) and some 12 foot sparks.  Wild Bill is going to move this coil
>in the next few days and see whether we can push the sparks out to 15 feet.
>be posting more pics soon.
>Bert Pool