Warthog coil pictures

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Bert, I'm sitting here in awe!  These pics may be some of the best I've seen and
comparable to Bill Wysocks (not in length, but definately in glory!). I'm really
wondering what this "BIG WARTHOG" is gonna do outside when it's set in an
environement without walls. I bet you can go over the 15 feet. This just looks
great!!!  So what the is the toroid comprised of? what were those dimentions? The
first pic and the rest are definately different toroids. Hey, everyone!! If you
haven't checked out Bert and Wild Bills Warhog Coil, let me be the first to tell you
"your missing out".

Bert and Bill, SUPER COIL!  Congrats on an extremely nice performer. In your own
"professional opinions", how do you seriously feel about this coil? Is it performing
as you expected? Do you feel like it hasn't been pushed to it's max or is hindering
what it could do in some way? Of course, we all feel this way (a little bit) no
matter what type of peformance we get. Is the Warthog performing "better" than you

Great pics, thanks for sharing,

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> Subject:  Warthog coil pictures
> For those who are interested, I have just posted a few pictures of the Warthog
> Tesla coil on my Webpage.  These show the new 6 foot toroid (22 inch cross
> section) and some 12 foot sparks.  Wild Bill is going to move this coil outdoors
> in the next few days and see whether we can push the sparks out to 15 feet.  I'll
> be posting more pics soon.
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