Inhaling Epoxy!

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if you are worried about shrinkage, take a circular saw and cut a lengthwise
slit in the pipe, then wrap wax paper or saran wrap over the pipe, and then
do the epoxy work - in that way, even if there is some shrinkage you will be
able to remove the "mold" - e.g. the pipe.
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Subject: Inhaling Epoxy!

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>> why not just wrap a piece of pipe or tubing of the desired diameter with
>> saran wrap, then wind your coil, then coat with epoxy and remove the
>> may want to wax or oil the pipe before you start.
> I had this idea too, but I feel it would be impossible to remove
>the pipe no matter how much lube was initially used. I'm thinking LARGE
>surface area with tight windings. Epoxy tends to have some shrinkage as it
>cures this may cause additional problems.
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