New cap test run

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Ed, clarify something for me,

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> Bart,
> Next time I get the coil set up (with both toroids) I do plan to take some
> more pictures.  I don't seen to have the dimensions of the system in my
> notebook.  The secondary winding length is 27.6" with the coil form probably
> about 31" long.  The toroid sits 9" above the top winding and the coil is
> mounted up on a 1.0" thick spacer so the toroid is about 39" above the top
> surface of the roll around cart which is about 36" tall.  This would put the
> toroid about 75" off the ground - will measure this.  The second toroid would
> be another 12" above this.  It is difficult to get the top toroid in place
> even on my step ladder.
> Ed Sonderman

Did you acheive your max spark-length when the arc hit the cement or was it out
into free space off the toroid?

Also, did you have the double toroid configuration installed when you acheived
your max spark length? If so, do you know what capacitance C-top was?