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Subject: Re: Tesla's Radio Circuit (fwd)

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> Dan:
>         I'd sure like to get a copy of that paper to read.  On the same
> subject, where did Tesla claim to have invented the "Tesla coil"?  Guess
> I could look through his patents, but haven't done so.  I have read his
> descriptions of what he had done, and some of his lecture notes, but
> don't remember any claim as to original invention.  Certainly resonant
> coupling had been observed by others (Lodge, for example) before Tesla's
> time.
> Ed

  That is correct!  Lodge had the whole mess pretty well worked out, but did
little in the way of practical circuit work.  Tesla just took Lodge's ideas
and expanded upon them in a very noticable and fantastic way.  I doubt if
even Lodge had a full grasp of just what resonance was capable of doing on a
grand scale.  Tesla proceeded directly from Lodge's original descriptions of
his tuned circuits to large power transfer mechanisms using the same ideas.

Richard Hull, TCBOR