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Subject: Re: insulating primary tank (fwd)

to: Mark

You can use 1/8 inch mylar which will bend in a 360 degree shape.  Plastic
weld to your 1/4 circular cover and you have a very nice protector.  Place
your lower electronics in an enclosed box with a front (removeable) door
using center pin (safety) hex allen fasteners available through McMaster
Carr Supply (Chicago, LA, NY, et al).  Then put your tuning slots in the
box under the lexan cover so you can access the slots for moving the tuning
tap by removing your front (or rear) removable door.  This allows for
occassional tuning changes and prevents dumb and dumber from getting
zapped.  A few good "Danger -- High Voltage" stickers on each side of the
base unit should keep all but dumb and dumber out.  You can also point out
to the teachers (for educational purposes only of course) that there is a
lot more current available in an standard 120 VAC outlet to fry D&D than
there is in your Tesla coil display.

Corollary thought for the day:  Never underestimate the power of stupid
people in large groups.


> From: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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> Subject: Re: insulating primary tank (fwd)
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> >Im building a display coil for school so safty is a major concern. So
> >im building a fully insulated primary tank. I wont rely on this
> >insulation but every little counts. Insulating the xfmr,cap,spark
> >gap,and protection circuit is easy but the primary coil well thats
> >sort of different. Every SG tesla coil ive ever seen has exposed hv
> >primary coils. SOOOOO why not build a lexan box round the primary with
> >a smart door for retuning. a hole in the top of the box to allow a
> >secondry coil to protude. 
> Best idea is like the coil at a science exhibition near me.  They have
> entire coil in a Faraday cage & the control box for the power supply in a
> locked cabinet.
> And we are talking about a big coil here ;-)
> Mark
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