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I drew a 2 kW (54+ACI-) arc (rotary)from my coil with a fluorescent tube in my
right hand.  My arm got very hot.  I wouldn't recommend the experience.

I have taken discharges up to 1 kW with static gap systems.  There is very
little sensory manifestation.

Be very certain that the secondary is grounded.


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+AD4-Dear List,
+AD4-How much Tesla coil spark can one safely terminate into one's carcass?
+AD4-I'm asking because when I was a kid I saw a photo in a book of a child
+AD4-drawing an arc from a Tesla coil with a butter knife.  Looked like she was
+AD4-pulling about a 6+ACI- spark from a table top coil.  This photo so colored my
+AD4-thinking that I routinely tested my early coils in this manner, confident
+AD4-that the +ACI-skin effect+ACI- (described in the same book) would protect me.  So
+AD4-what is the safe power limit for this sort of thing?  I've pulled arcs
+AD4-from homebrew coils (up to 380VA) by letting the spark jump to a metal
+AD4-object in my hand.  I've never been shocked or burned.  I'm afraid to try
+AD4-it with my 450VA coil.  Should I be?  Is there an upper power limit--or a
+AD4-lower frequency limit--where this is no longer safe?
+AD4-Reluctant to be a Dummy Load in Beck Row, UK