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Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 08:09:22 -0700
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Subject: Re: Tesla's Radio Circuit (fwd)

"I actually have a copy of the original lecture wherein Thompson reveals
specifications of the coil he demonstrated. It was built *like* an
induction coil, except that the primary was on the outside and the
secondary was on the inside. However, the coaxial construction was the
as an induction coil and the coils were oil immersed. He doesn't give
primary capacitance so there's no way to know if the coil was tuned, but
I'd suppose that it would have had to have been, since it operated by
*disruptive discharge,* rather than mechanical interruption like a
conventional induction coil."

	I'd sure like to get a copy of that paper to read.  On the same
subject, where did Tesla claim to have invented the "Tesla coil"?  Guess
I could look through his patents, but haven't done so.  I have read his
descriptions of what he had done, and some of his lecture notes, but
don't remember any claim as to original invention.  Certainly resonant
coupling had been observed by others (Lodge, for example) before Tesla's