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>Subject: Polypropylene
>Can anybody give me data on polypropylene film?  I saw a flat plate cap at
>the UK Teslathon that appeared to be made of plastic document protectors &
>foil.  I found some pocket-style document protectors at work and examined
>them.  The recycling symbol says they are polypropylene.  I can't find any
>values as to dielectric strength, dielectric constant, etc., in my
>Also, does anyone know the meanings of the various plastics recycling
>symbols?  For example, I know "HDPE 2" is polyethylene, but I'm wondering
>what the shorthand is for various other plastics. 

Hi Greg 
	The information i used to build that cap is in the archives around the
middle of march. The general consensus seems to be that you should treat
polypropylene the same as polyethylene. remember that the cap will swell up
a lot as it absorbs oil so make allowance for this when you are building
it. good luck.

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