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>  how did Tesla himself
> conceive of the Tesla coil first, theory or experimentation?  There are
> accounts of him recieving a "vision" about the operation of the AC motor
> in Prague in 1896-- was Tesla primarily a theoretical or an experimental
> genius?  I don't know much about his handbooks/ journals etc.  Perhaps
> one of you could enlighten me.
>                         --Mike

  There is no single recorded lightbulb event for the Tesla coil.  Certainly not
like the much repeated rotating magnetic field illumination.  Tesla slipped into
the thought of the tesla coil sometime between 1890 and 1892.  Probably after
noting and studing the writings and work of Kelvin and Lodge.  He honed what was
at first just a glorified induction coil system into the air core system over a
period of time.  He never published much of anything and it is only through the
efforts of Thomas Commerford Martin, that any thing exists of the period between
the induction motor and his showing up with working air core Tesla coils about

Richard Hull