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>Once again a fledgling coiler has yet another question. Yesterday I made my
>flat pancake coil form out of four pieces of 1/2 inch PVC mounted radially
>on some painted plywood. After making my coilform, I tried winding the
>thing with thin-wall 1/4 copper tubing. I had trouble. The tubing kept
>kinking and never formed a good circle. After struggling with about 6 turns
>I called it quits and removed the tubing. Yesterday's fiasco has swayed me
>to winding the primary with coax. Now, will using coax reduce coil
>performance? I thought maybe eventually I could try tubing again and
>replace it if it does. Do you use both coax conducters or just the outer
>sheilding? One the coil masters out there should write an article on
>primary winding (RQ seems pretty with that type of thing) Well, anyway, my
>next post will either be me asking for help with trouble shooting my
>completed coil or a link to some great operating pictures. I'm hoping for
>the later. Thanks Again,

Hi Adam,
	My primary used 100 feet of 1/4 inch tubing with 1/8 inch spacing and it
turned out real well so I guess I know what I am doing.  I cut 1/4 inch
slots into hardwood radial arms with 1/8 spacing.  I shifted the spacing of
the arms around the circle so that the tubing would lay in the slots in a
spiral.  Then I took new out of the box (not messed up) roll of tubing and
laid it on the form.  I then started on the inside and slowly worked my way
around and around tying the tubing at every arm.  I was careful to let the
tubing naturally lay as it wanted with only minor tweaking.  I spliced
another roll with a brass tube from the hobby shop and continued until it
was done.  
	Perhaps you tried to thread the tubing through holes in the form.  I made
one like that once but it was very hard.  You definitely wand to just lay
the coil into slots and then fix them in place with string, tyewraps, etc.
Hope this is of use.  The coax should give poorer performance but probably
not a concern for now.

	Terry Fritz