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Subject: Re: tuning more accurately than 5% (fwd)


> From: Michael Nolley <mhnolley-at-willamette.edu>
> Subject: Re: tuning more accurately than 5% (fwd)
> The physicist and the engineer are the two sides of this coin I
> have been referring to, the analytical and creative aspects of TC
> science-- perhaps a little like Tesla and Edison-- the question is--
> if both sides are indespensible to each other-- how did Tesla himself
> conceive of the Tesla coil first, theory or experimentation?  There are
> accounts of him recieving a "vision" about the operation of the AC motor
> in Prague in 1896-- was Tesla primarily a theoretical or an experimental
> genius?  I don't know much about his handbooks/ journals etc.  Perhaps
> one of you could enlighten me.
>                         --Mike

Just a comment. A theoritical genuis is one who has conceived an idea yet has no
way to prove or disprove it except maybe mathmatically; i.e., Albert Einstein +
Relativity. Others prove it for them and make them genuis's. Tesla was in fact an
experimental genuis. The man was 100% engineer (the Colorado Springs Notes will
clear up any doubts of this). The genuis I see is the magnitude of knowledge and
thought he put into every idea. Tesla was never satisfied (at least this is my
take on it) with just thinking. He needed to experiment and experience his
concepts. However, his concepts far exceeded the amount of time there is in a
day, or life time.
Tesla = experimental genuis extrodinaire!