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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 13:27:15 -0400
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Hello All:
Russ said in part:
>  He has a tube(I >would describe it as a diode as it has only two pins)
that is
>cylindrical with a diameter of approximately 2" and length of 6".  One
>pin on each end.  This is stamped in the metal on one end: VC50-20.
        It is a vacuum capacitor.  They were made by Jennings and Eimac to
name a few.  I think Jennings used the VC50-20 nomenclature if memory serves
me.  Typical values are in the 10-100 pF range with voltage ratings in the
kilovolt range.  The Jennings ones are usually made of copper, Eimac used
other materials in the ones I have seen.  They can be used in tube coils as
they are low loss (vacuum).  I have also heard of a few people who used them
as experimental spark gaps, although they foul after a while (quiet though).
I have a variety of sizes up to the 6" length you observed.
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