Videotape #20, large staccato coils, sync gap TC's, etc. (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 14:32:57 EDT
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Subject: Videotape #20, large staccato coils, sync gap TC's, etc.

 New members of this list may not have seen my January ad for my
 Tape #20.  I've re-posted it below:
 Tesla Coil Videotape # 20 covers my tube staccato (pulsed) coil
 and sync-gap disruptive coil work.  Highlights of this 2 Hr, VHS
 tape follow:
   * A new sync-gap is tested  * 42" spark TC is converted into a 
 magnifier, quenching is observed on oscilloscope   * Narrow secondary
 is installed onto classic TC   *Effect of input current waveform on 
 meter accuracy is explored, waveforms shown on scope    * Lou
 Balint visits, describes the damage that occured to his high powered
 experimental super-quench rotary gap, mangled electrodes are 
 shown   * Cathode-lift staccato control method for a tube coil is
 shown using true synchronized operation, pulses are shown on
 scope   * Massive secondary coil is tested on classic Tesla coil,
 interesting conclusions are drawn   * Classic TC gives 64" sparks
 using 1560 watts   * Two new types of staccato control boards are
 shown and described   * New staccato board is installed into tube
 TC, trigger and RF pulses are shown   * Staccato (pulsed) capability
 is installed into a large tube coil and gives 26" snarling sparks when
 powered by (4) 833A vacuum tubes   * 29" staccato sparks are 
 achieved using (2) 833A tubes   * Rep rate is varied adding interest
 to the display, strange rat-tat-tat sound of staccato is heard  *  33"
 and then 38" staccato sparks are obtained  * A small tube TC 
 using (1) 845 tube gives 16" of spark  * A 20 minute segment
 reviews tube coil operation, tuning, and theory, and covers
 various types of staccato control methods  *  
 Other misc. experiments, etc, are also shown on the tape.  
 Schematics for a small and large staccato tube coil, and the
 complete index for all previous 19 tapes will be included with
 all orders and will be sent by US postal priority mail.  To order 
 tape # 20 and the schematics, please send $18 check or money 
 order to:
 John Freau
 49 Thiem Ave.
 Rochelle Pk,  NJ   07662

 Discounts available for multiple-tape orders.  Please send any 
 inquiries directly to me.

 Thank you,
 John Freau