Re: Source of NSTs and bombarders (fwd)

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Subject: Re: Source of NSTs and bombarders (fwd)

For information on the construction of neon signs see the following:


After the tubing is bent and the electrodes are in place, a high voltage and
high current is run through the tube while a vacuum pump is pumping the tube
down.  This heats the tube and drives out impurities.  A bombarment
transformer would be great for a tesla coil but I have not found any used
and the new ones are more expensive than a rebuilt distribution
transformer.  I had not heard of a bombardment transformer being built out
of old NSTs, but you could do it by connecting a number of them in parallel.


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> Subject: Source of NSTs and bombarders
> OK, guys.  I finally got the time to venture over to our local
> distributor of neon sign transformers to find out what they do with
> their warranty returns.  I was hoping, as was suggested on the list,
> that they just threw them out and I would just be able to take my pick.
> No such luck(I don't believe in luck anyway)!  They were very short with
> me and informed me that they have someone who BUYS the returned NSTs
> from them for the purpose of making bombarders.  Now, I  guess I am back
> to scrounging the sign shops, which has not been too successful but I
> will keep trying but now I hope you guys can answer me this: What is a
> bombarder?
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