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> The harmonic frequencies at noted by Terry in his coil at 7, 17, and 33 MHZ
> can be surpressed by space winding the secondary inductor, or, as Rich Hull
> has done --- going to extremely large capacitance top loads to force the
> resonator to operate at a single fundamental frequency without a lot of HF
> harmonics.

......................................Indeed, the large top loads seem to
supress, mightily, the RF radiation to near zero even at 10,000 watts!  With
Nemesis hitting the 11KW lelvel with sparks, we took a sensitive RYCOM VLF
receiver and RF voltmeter and noted the harmonics about the 54khz normal
resonant frequency and was unable to pick up the harmonics 2 block from my
house.  The primary frequency died out completely at 1/2 mile.  This is the
sign of a supwrb sparker, as I have noted many times in the past on this list.
No RF output at huge power input levels!  We seek to place 100% of the power
into air losses!  VSWRs approaching infinity.  Giant capacitive loads feeding
air with hot lossy arcs consuming and shunting all power to ground or its
isotropic analog.  Probably more RF energy is sent out in the higher non
harmonic frequencies generated by the arcs and arc related phenomena than the
primary RF resonant frequency of operation!  Move as far away from radio
engineering principles as possible once you have the energy in the primary

Richard Hull, TCBOR