Commercial Cap Source

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Date: Wednesday, July 01, 1998 6:59 AM
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> From:  Tony Lekas [SMTP:tony-at-lekas-dot-org]
> Sent:  Tuesday, June 30, 1998 1:36 AM
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> Subject:  Commercial Cap Source
> I am looking for a commercial source for HV Caps that would be suitable
> for Tesla coil construction.  I want to look at what is available new
> and at the cost before looking into building one.
>         Tony

Try http://www.surplussales-dot-com/maxwelllist.html

Good prices on maxwell caps - if you're building a coil with a
higher voltage power supply, you'll be able to buy one here for far less
than you'd be able to build (several) for (the common consensus is that
it's practically impossible to build a cap for higher than 7500 V at home
without getting corona, breakdown - and you'd need to build perhaps several,
depending on what value and voltage you needed).

Your time has to be worth something, too....