Re: Toroid Design

>   From these equations it is obvious that the sphere or toroid size is
> dependent on several other Tesla coil parameters.
>   John couture


If we were firing the coil once every 10 seconds or so for one pulse
only, the
above would play well.  However, with the continuous gas ionization and
envronment about the system a number of sliding parameters might make
equations have to have fudge factors based on any number of other
factors both
seen, unforeseen, and or unknown.  Way too much dynamic stuff is
to use
the simple formulae above to warrant a specific result.

Richard Hull, TCBOR"

	Seems to me that ANY attempt in calculating streamer length would have
to include an accurate expression for the impedance of a streamer as a
function of length, power dissipated, geometry of electrodes, and
operating frequency of the coil.  I suspect that the recombination time
of the air is such that, at least for a few hundred pps, the rep rate of
the spark wouldn't be quite so important but couldn't be neglected. 
With the streamer impedance known, a solution could be obtained by trial
and error.

	I wonder if there is a plasma physicist out there somewhere who might
be able and willing to attack this problem???