Re: DC behavior with AC TC

  Richard -

  Do you still believe that the operating TC terminal is positive and not

  As I recall this was never finalized in past discussions.

  Did you ever try the test I recommended that shows the terminal is mostly
negarive due to the unsymmetrical waveform as mentioned by Tesla?

  The Van de Graaff terminal is always negative. You can check the current
coming off of the terminal with a microameter. Do you connect the negative
or positive stud of the meter to the VDG terminal?

  John Couture


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>Original Poster: Richard Hull <rhull-at-richmond.infi-dot-net> 
>Tesla List wrote:
>> Original Poster: mrgazebo <mrgazebo-at-pacbell-dot-net>
>> I have discovered that my Telsa coil, under certain conditions, can not
>> only drive a pop-bottle electrostatic motor (see William Beaty's site
>> for design details), but also feed a working charge to my Van De Graaff.
>> TC: 7.5KV neon, 30 ma; zillions of ceramic caps in parrallel and series;
>> flat primary usually tapped at 7 turns; secondary 4", 950 turns, 27 awg.
>> No special gizmos, just a quicky table top.
>> Phenomena: Pop bottle motor placed withing 24 inches of coil spins
>> without hesitation when coil is turned on. Said motor does not need a
>> "positive" stator, just needs the other stator connected to a
>> ground--either house or the TC's RF, doesn't matter. Does not exhibit
>> characteristics of an ion-drive motor, or characteristics of motors that
>> Tesla describes quite well in his works. If the motor is connected
>> directly to the terminal, The AC takes over and sparks and arcs fly
>> everywhere.
>> Van De Graaff: If I disconnect the bottom charge comb from the ground,
>> and connect it to a wire laying within 24" of my coil, the Van De Graaff
>> charges immediately when the TC is turned on. The charges ceases when
>> the TC is turned off.
>> Anyone else been intrigued by this sort of politically incorrect
>> behavior? Explanations and comments welcomed.
>> "And to think Telsa did all this, before the electron was even
>> invented!"
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>All of the above has been duly noted on this list many times.  It was
>formally published in the "Electric Spacecraft Journal" about 5 years ago by
>myself and Dave Sharpe.
> AC Tesla coils while sparking in air supply DC currents to isotropic
>capacities which, with reference to ground, and can charge capacitors, run
>motors, etc.  We have put all this on our video report tapes on and off over
>the last 4 years.  We have also demonstrated this at every one of our
>Teslathons for the past 3 years.
>Richard Hull, TCBOR