Re: Weird Magnifier output

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: dwight duncan <duncand-at-ccsalpha2.nrl.navy.mil>
> Hello All,
>     I finally got my magnifier working but I got unexpected spectral
> outputs.  The scope that I have on lone is a Tektronix TDS 460 that does
> Ft's.  Using a 0.08uf cap and appx.30 uH of tapped inductance on the
> primary of the RF transformer( the 30 is just a guess, I calculated it and
> measured it but I have sense forgotten it while writing this post)

> snip

>     Obviously the system wants to run at the 140 KHz mode.  By connecting
> up the RF transformers secondary to the bottom of the resonator is dropped
> the resonant frequency of the resonator.  Is this right?  Any input is
> appreciated.
>     I am getting good quenching with a 12" dia. rotory and a 8 stage series
> blown quench gap.  After 1 and 1/2 periods it quenches.  A clear envelope
> is seen.
>     Thanks for any comments that may help in clearing this confusion up for
> me.
> Dwight


It is normal for the frequency to drop when the resonator is connected to
the RF
transformer (driver.)  Use the 140khz tune point.

Richard Hull, TCBOR