tesla coils

 My tesla coil is finally working well. specs are :
* 6in sec wound on thin wall pvc,25 in long #22
* 40 nf plate cap in 5 gallon bucket in kerosene
* "fixed load" pole transformer 12,000/110 .5KW, I've got it ballasted with
3 mot's in parallel
* RQ spark gap in 6 in pipe with Rototron fan
* 12 turn pri at 10 degrees (tunes at 9 turns)
* 6 in X 20 in torrid
   Corona is about 4 feet, direct arc about 5 to 6 feet.
Boy, arcs and sparks are cool. Have blown up the cap 4 times now
(depressing). Last time, the hole was the size of a quarter. killed 4 plates
and insulator sheets. I haven't been able to get pictures of it in
operation, But do have pictures of all the hardware.
  Thanks one and all for the posts and sites with the necessary information
to undertake this tesla coil project.