Re: Saturable reactors?

I wrote:
>Anyway - this book describes the basics of a little-known-today
>component called the saturable reactor.  Looks like if I had one I 
>build a quite-unkillable pig controller out of it!

Then Marco wrote:
>I have been looking to these beasts too but in my understanding 
>they create a big distortion of the original sine-wave input AC. You 
>would get very curious wave shapes to feed your primary capacitor 
>and spark gap!

Yea, I agree - the load ( pig in this case ) will see a voltage much 
like modern phase -controlled dimmers - ie - the saturable reactor 
suddenly becomes conductive at some time during the line period.

Your comment about seeing odd waveforms applied onto the tesla capacitor 
is true, but I'm not sure if that'd be bad or not!  Since this is a pig 
- there are no (or minimal) resonant charging effects.  I'd guess these 
odd sharkfin-shaped waveforms would do no harm...  Comments?

-Bill the arcstarter
Starting arcs in Cinci, OH

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