Re: 3-phase current - you don't need caps or ider motors!

Correct me if I"m wrong (I'm sure you will), but it seems to me that a
standard car alternator is 3 phase.  An AC motor/generator would be
inexpensive and easy to build, just spin the alternator at 1800 RPM.  Put a
good sized flywheel in the system for mechanical energy storage.  If you
make short runs, you can get very high power levels out of the alternator -
you are limited by the IR heating of the windings.  A car alternator will
easily produce 200V, and a full sized car may have a 60 or even 120 amp
alternator.  They can't run at that power level for long, but you can sure
get a lot of peak power.

two other alternatives - the generator from a portable welder will deliver
plenty of power - if you find a surplus one or one where the motor is bad
the cost should be low, and finally, there are lots of surplus 3 phase 400HZ
generators lying around, even AC motor driven ones which have been replaced
by solid state - there is nothign wrong with 400HZ - a 60 HZ transformer
will accept it just fine - its the other way around that you have problems
because a 400HZ transformer has insufficient iron for 60 hz
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