Re: Variac & MOT question...

Hello Philip, All
You wrote:

 while ago) I cant find any trannys that make 600v 200-400ma , but could i
 use a variac to limit the input voltage to a mot to acconmplish the job? The
 output is 500ma but will this decrease if given less input voltage ? Also my
 draws 22a open. I have a general  radio 20a variac. I herd the mot saturates
 100v or so ,but if my input is less than 100v wont it draw substantilly less
current ?
Are you sure your MOT is okay?. Most of my MOTS (various sizes) pull about 5-6
amps in an open configuration (but at 235v & 50Hz): This would be somewhere
around 9-10A at 120V. To me it sounds like your MOT has an internal short,
somewhere in the windings. Try to find another one and take comparison
measurements. Sure, your MOT will pull (lots) more current as soon as the core
saturates, but guesssing it comes from a µwave running from the 120v mains it
can´t saturate that much (>pull 22A in no load config)

coiler greets from germany,