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 The question is, will a neon, 8000 v -at- 50 mA be powerfull enough to
 produce sparks on this coil:
 I have decided what sort of coil to make. I want one that will have
 scope for future upgrading of the tank, so it starts out like this:
 Tank:   8000V 50 mA, 0.02 F
 Secondary:    6" by 24" 22 gauge (as per quick)
 Primary:   18 turns (tapped btwn. 10&11) 1/4" cu. tube, spaced 1/4", 15
 degrees bank. (as described by Gary Weaver, and Quick)
 Top terminal: Toroid 6" by 12.5"
 so that the resonant frequency at 160khz can be met.
 I used Tesla coil CAD, and Wintesla to design this coil.
 Gap will be "quick"  :-) axial blown radial gaps and cap stacked polye.
 foil/allu. >>
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Looks like a good design, very similar to my 6" coil.  I would suggest to make
the primary flat, there is nothing to be gained by going with the saucer
shaped design.  I have done it both ways.  I would also suggest that you use
3/8" copper tubing with 3/8" spacing.  A coil of this size is capable of
producing a lot of power with the right power supply.  1/4" tubing would be
fine with the transformer that you are starting with - but I also started with
only neon sign transformer power and ended up with a 5kva pole transformer.
Projects like this just have a tendency to expand and grow over the years.
The 3/8" tubing would give you room to grow.  The 8,000 volt 50 ma transformer
is also a place to start.  Yes, the coil should work ok with that for a start.
Will it produce longer sparks with a 10 kv or 12 kv or 15 kv power supply, of

Ed Sonderman