Re: 60 ma v.s. 30 ma

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> Alfred,
> If you increase the supply current in a given system without changing the
> cap, you will get an increase in power delivered to the secondary and longer
> sparks.  The cap will charge quicker, the gaps will fire more often and the
> system will process more power.

That is ONLY true if the capacitor was too large for the system to 
begin with!
> Using my 14,400 volt pole pig and a .025 mfd cap - I can set the welder to
> limit the current supplied by the pig to say 100 ma.  Now I get sparks that
> are X feet long.  Now you are trying to tell me that if I increase the
> current up to 300, or 400 ma I will not get MUCH longer discharges??

When you current limit a transformer you also lower the voltage 
output of the transformer.

>  Apparently you have not tried this.

OH I most certainly have! 

> I have and believe me you do not HAVE to increase the size of the
> capacitor to process more power.
If you read my origional post you will see that that IS what I said!
The capacitor is the LIMITING factor on how much power you can cram
into a given Tesla coil, the bigger the primary capacitor the more 
energy you can get into the system. Assuing of course that the 
transformer can fully charge that capacitor.


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