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On Tuesday, June 24, 1997 8:01 PM Bert Hickman
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> Richard,
> The oil soaked paper may have a higher dielectric strength than before,
> but it sttill won't perform nearly as well as polyethylene. This is
> because the oil and paper dielectric materials are absorbing a
> significant portion of  energy that would otherwise go into sparks off
> the top of your secondary. In this regard at least, going from glass to
> oiled paper will not give you much improvement. Also, are you sure your
> coil is properly tuned with your new cap? 
You are 100% correct Bert! An easy way to determine the relative 
losses in a dialectric due to R.F. absorbtion is to look a the power 
factor for that dialectric, the smaller the power factor the smaller 
the amount of R.F absorbed and consequentialy the less the dialectric 
will heat up in operation.


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