Re: HV Xfmr Protection networks

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Subject: 	Re: HV Xfmr Protection networks

Hi Gary,

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> Subject:    HV Xfmr Protection networks
> All of the archived materials I've seen on this subject
> recommends using 3-4 barium titanate doorknob caps in series
> for the bypass caps.  I understand that these are considered
> "lossy" at high frequencies, desirable in this application.
> But is this necessary?  I was planning on making caps from
> .09" thick fiberglass circuit board stock, easy to work with and
> easy to get any reasonable value.  With a dielectric rating of
> 11.8 pf/sq inch (measured) and 700V/mil (from MATH.TXT), this
> should be good to 63KV DC, maybe 30KV AC?  As I'm using OBIT's
> which have a center ground, I'd use a pair of these caps,
> shooting for ~700 pf each to RF ground.

I think your ratings for PCB are way too optimistic (from 
experience). It _might_ withstand the voltages you suggest for _some 
types and thicknesses_, but it completely ignores the high stress you 
get at the copper edges. I have blown the odd one at 18kV pk from a 
12kV neon transformer running under oil.