Re: Strange Black Box...

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looks like your black box is a radar crt HV power supply.  input is probably 
DC, although it could be 400HZ ac or something else.  TP usually means test 
point, and would not be a center tap.  probably not useful for tesla work, but 
you can test it out.  if no one else answers for sure, maybe I can look up 
that part number for you - but it's most likely from a large military display 
console of some kind.

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Subject: 	Strange Black Box...

From: 	Brandon Doughan[SMTP:fiveht-at-well-dot-com]
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Subject: 	Strange Black Box...

Hi all-

	I recently bought a 15KV transformer but am a little confused as 
to how to power it and whether it's ac or dc output.  Let me describe it:

	It's approx. 2X4X6 inches.  On one side it has three terminals.  
The first is labeled "J1" and is a male socket with three rather thin 
prongs.  Im guessing these are +, -, and ground for a 120VAC input, 
though they do seem kinda small for 120.  This socket has groves such 
that it could only be connected in one orientation to it's mate.

The second is labeled "J2" and is obviously a HV output; having a thick 
rubber grommet around a thickly insulated wire.  The end has one of those 
suction cup things and I'm guessing it was ment to power a CRT.  CRTs are 
powered by DC, aren't they?  This makes me think it's got a DC output.

The last terminal is a small metal knob labeled "TP", which I'm quite sure 
is a center tap.  This makes me think the output is AC.

Also, on another side is the following info:
	MODEL: 164A
	SER. NO.: 152
	PART NO. 718542-2

So, what do you all think?  If I can get it connected properly, and "J2" 
is 15KV output, what would be the other terminal?  15KV relative to 
ground?  To "TP"?

As always, thanks for your help!  Brandon