Re: Strange Black Box...

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Hi Brandon,

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> Subject:    Strange Black Box...

>     It's approx. 2X4X6 inches.  On one side it has three terminals.  
> The first is labeled "J1" and is a male socket with three rather thin 
> prongs.  Im guessing these are +, -, and ground for a 120VAC input, 
> though they do seem kinda small for 120.  This socket has groves such 
> that it could only be connected in one orientation to it's mate.
> The second is labeled "J2" and is obviously a HV output; having a thick 
> rubber grommet around a thickly insulated wire.  The end has one of those 
> suction cup things and I'm guessing it was ment to power a CRT.  CRTs are 
> powered by DC, aren't they?  This makes me think it's got a DC output.

I would say pulsating DC. It sounds like a potted EHT module. It will 
be internally rectified. The ultor on the scope tube is actually the 
smoothing capacitor as well as the accelerating electrode. You can 
guarantee the output will be very low power (a milliamp or two 
average). TP often denotes "test point" but I have no idea what it is 
in this case.