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On Saturday, June 21, 1997 6:14 AM Richard
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>Hi, there
>A day ago I received an email message about me as below.
>I just want to say that I'm really sorry, I wont email anyone of 
>you guys so much. I really don't want to make enemies with anyone 
>and don't want people to hate me.
>Please forgive me. I know that I sometimes go overboard with Tesla 
>coils and I know my problem is that I want the best Tesla coil in a 
>few days without the proper knowledge...

Richard, your youthful enthusiasm is a pleasant site to behold!
It brings back memories of when I started out! Keep asking questions
and if anyone complains skip over them for they have nothing to 
offer! And remember the is no such a thing as a stupid question - 
only stupid answers!


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