Re: More Mini Coils

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> Hi all,
>          I bumped up the power somewhat and also took some photos of
> the coil in action.
> Details: Cp = 7.8nF, Vp just under 6kV, Ep = 140mJ, BPS = 230
> which equates to a primary power of 32-odd Watts. I get attached
> single channel streamers about 25% of the time resonator - resonator
> at a p-p distance of 5.5". A lack of corona control on the driven
> resonator would make bettering this difficult. I shall have to do
> something about that. Wall plug power has gone up to around 60W so
> the supply efficiency is down somewhat at this level. In fact it's
> now become mildly hazardous to adjust the gap while the coil is
> running due to the odd streamer roaring out in that direction.
> Malcolm

Hi Malcolm

How do you measure wall plug power?