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>I am considering the question of the connecting three different neon
>sign transformers with the following ratings to power one coil:
>12,000V 30mA.
> 9,000V 30mA.
> 6,000V 30mA.
>My question is, would it be possible to connect all three in parallel? 
>If I did so, would I expect 9,000V at 120mA., or have I been around the
>solder too much?
>Another question is would I be able to connect them in series?  If so,
>what would be the resulting output?
>Thanks to any who are able to address this ponderance.  C'ya-Mike.
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Hi Mike.

It is not advisable to connect different voltage windings in paralell. The 
reason is that the higher voltage neons would feed the difference into the
lower voltage neons. If it were lower voltage transformers they would 
probably survive but at this voltage level internal arcing (or overheating) 
is likely to destroy one or more of them.
You should only paralell transformers if they have the same voltage rating,
then you would get the gain in current. If your three transformers had the 
same voltage rating and connected them in paralell you would virtually end 
up with "one" transformer of (n Volts / 90mA)

Hope that clear it up for you.

              Matthias Andersson
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