Re: Coil Efficiency (was more mini coils)

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>    This test can also be done with larger coils using larger lamps or
> current shunts. It will be found that the efficiencies are much lower with
> the larger coils. Because small coils are so efficient, magnifiers may
> provide no additional gain. However, because the efficiencies of large
> are so low, magnifiers may show a gain. I have not seen a true comparison
> prove this conclusion.
   John Couture
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Could it be that the larger coils were inefficient due to other factors other
than "inherent" inefficiency.  For instance the larger coils may have been
using ballasts that were saturating, transformers that were saturating, gaps
that were not quenching well, etc. It seems to me that large coils would not
be inherently less efficient.  True, there will be greater losses in the
absolute sense, but I wouldn't expect the proportional losses to be higher in
the large coils.  Do you have an explanation for the lower efficiencies
you've seen in the large coils?

John Freau