RE: Input power msmt

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> Quantifing input power as Ec(pri) X BPS, as suggested by Malcolm and
> others, is the most direct method IMHO as it exactly defines the actual 
> power consumed by the coil.
> Who cares about input current waveforms or power factor, except the 
> power company?
> -GL


Using Ec(pri) X BPS is accurate for analyzing the efficiency of the RF
section of the Tesla coil, but ignores the efficiency of the power
supply...to measure this, we are back to measuring power factor, distorted
current waveforms, etc...Ballasts and transformers could be saturating, etc.
  Still, the analysis of the RF section is very important, so I agree with

It would be interesting to determine where the major variations in typical TC
efficiencies lie (if they do tend to concentrate in one area).  I suspect
that power supplies, ballasting, and the effect that various break-rates have
on the previous, may be crucial, and somewhat ignored factors.

Can you suggest a simple way to measure Ec(pri)?

John Freau